Who… Me? Are you sure?!

What now? You’ve gotten to the point where someone believes in you more than you in yourself. Now you have the responsibility of living up to your own hype. Are you really what you say you are? Can you accomplish the things that you painted in your mind? At this point, you have two choices: 1) Admit that you can’t overcome your mind and its negative thoughts or 2) Realize that your thoughts are nothing but your fear of your own success.  Continue reading “Who… Me? Are you sure?!”

2nd go round…

The day I became overly motivated to be better was the day that I woke up and realized that I had been doing everything wrong. I had been more focused on having and getting things right the first time rather than the experience and the journey of finding me. I want to let everyone know that there is nothing wrong with starting your journey later than normal. I am now on the path that I should have been when I was 18 years old. Now that i am older and wiser, I can take it all in with an open mind instead of as in immature child that did not understand the value of my future. I now regret that I let such a thing past me by in my younger years but I can now fix that and enjoy the journey. Take things for granted, its part of life to sometimes make mistakes. But always go back and revisit the dreams and ambitions that you had. Life is never long enough, but its long enough to go back and right your wrongs. Live hard and passionately.

5 Differences Between A Nice Guy And A Doormat

5 Differences Between A Nice Guy And A Doormat

Being too nice can sometimes conflict with the woman thoughts of you as a protector, her knight in shinning armor so to speak. But not being nice enough makes you maybe more attractive, but also a liability or someone they cant trust and confide in. Finding that happy medium is damn near impossible! Some may find themselves content, but I must say that you will never be what she wants you to be because they probably don’t know what that is.


Last night I was an interview guest on Indie Chick Radio (Click and listen to episode 2 to hear it) discussing the appeal of “bad boys” and why women are typically attracted to them over the “nice guy.” We had a great conversation between ourselves as well as with callers who participated in the show.

Predictably, if we have to talk about why women like bad boys, we also need to talk about why they don’t like nice guys. But I don’t think this is the case and I think that often times we have the misconception that a man has to be one, or the other.

In fact as I write this I’m watching a movie called A Case Of You, about a guy who picks up every hobby the woman he’s interested in is interested in, just to win her affection – blurring his own identity…

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Donald Sterling Voicemail

I’m no doctor…but to call yourself competent in the midst of leaving a voice mail like the one Donald Sterling left, there has to be something wrong with you! We all at times feel like the world is leaning its weight on us a little more than others. But never have I gotten to the point where I incriminated myself by leaving emotions on tape. This is what that voice mail was about, emotion. Raw, pure, and unapologetic emotion. But the question is simple, is Donald Sterling mentally capable to run a multi-billion dollar organization 100% of the time? If there are times where he wakes up and doesn’t know where he is or why he is wearing power ranger pajamas from Walmart, then its clear he probably doesn’t need to keep all the contacts in his phone or the Clippers organization.

As an athlete I know that once I found out that my head honcho was going through some mental changes AFTER he already made the comments he already made, I’m actively looking for a way out. LA or Minnesota, I need out! You never know what decisions can come down from the ranks with him at the helm. The NBA needs to make sure they put their representation against Sterling’s lawyers and make sure that this team can start its next chapter as soon as possible. They could have easily made it to the Western Conference finals this past season and I’m sure Los Angeles feels that is likely in the upcoming season. With this distraction still hanging over their heads in the form of court proceedings and media unrest, the players will need to really focus on the task at hand in the 14-15 season.


The best meals on me

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All alone. House is nice and quiet. What do I want to do with my free time? What would be better than a home cooked meal with some wine and the love of my life? I can speak for anyone else but I know I love to cook a good meal (especially when it turns out good ha) and share it with loved ones over a glass of wine. Yeah the picture is of something I just made recently, nothing you will see on the menu at your local 6-star restaurant but I must say it was pretty good.

I bring this up because it seems a lot of the times when young people tend to get into trouble or make mistakes, they are so quick to blame the lack of things to do or time on their hands. I have always tried to find ways to not only keep myself busy but do things that I would normally not do. Cooking is not only a great way to spend time with family and friends, but a good alternative to the bad eating that most people do.

The more we makes excuses for ourselves and the things we do, the less we will ever be more than we were the day previous. Try to make better decisions as the days go by and you will realize that within a few years you will have grown substantially as a person. Motivated brown young is a call to young people to step up and live the lives that some people don’t think we deserve. Not only will this improve your life and the communities that you live in, but it will spark the betterment on society as a whole.

…what love is…

Okay, let us keep this short and sweet. Does anyone really think they know what love really is? I mean, seriously! I can guarantee that there are and will continue to be couples who say they love each other in their vows and will still divorce sooner than a Kardashian. So I can’t even believe the married peoples on this one.

Some seem to think it’s this immovable object that you run into one day, head first, leaving you making bad decisions due to the blinding light they call love…lol… that made me laugh, sorry. I personally look at love ultimately as a choice we make when we feel we have found someone safe, reliable and sexually arousing. Also, someone that we can stand to be around for more than a couple months at a time.

What is your outlook on love? Do you believe it shades peoples vision on who they are really with? Have friends that are in love with the wrong person? Talk to me…